Sunday, January 30, 2011

Chomsky the Desk Gnome-Complete!

Magritte Chomsky!

Chomsky is finally finished, and this is the first one completed. I plan on doing some muted color versions as well, but for now-enjoy!

Chomsky loves deskscaping. He'll gladly keep your desk shrubbery nice and tidy for you.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Chomsky the Gnome

Meet Chomsky the desk gnome. His favorite thing to do is sit on desks and landscape...or deskscape as he likes to say. It's proven that having Chomsky on your desk will reduce stress and make you more popular. Final coming soon!

First copy from mold

Finished sculpt

Being sculpted

Original Chomsky sketch


This little guy was a commission for a friend of mine based on his son, Philip.

Saturday, January 15, 2011


Now that I'm all caught up I can go into more detail on my newest stuff. This is Wallace, he lives in Maxeville Woods. The idea for him came about while I was sitting on a bench in a local wooded area and imagined a friendly monster coming out from around the bend of trees in front of me. That's a normal thought...right?

Final shot of Wallace with black colorway

Final shot of Wallace with brown colorway

Face detail

Getting sculpted

Original Wallace idea sketch

Gadget the Robot and the Arthurs from Outer Space

These guys were for an exhibition called 2009: The Future is Now!, an end of the year retro-modern show of all things sci-fi.


primed for painting

getting started, beginning of sculpt vs. sketch

2009-The Rest

I wanted to include this one of Arthur just because he looks pretty happy in it.


from book project entitled Maxwell Smithe's Journal of Ailments and Maladies

also from Maxwell Smithe's

2009 Artwork- A bit of everything part 4

"Mr. Yorke"

"Arthur Jr." with black colorway

"Arthur Jr" with brown colorway


Also, I'd like to make note that all of the awesome images like the ones of Arthur Jr. were kindly shot by John Lubinski of Eclipse Studios.

2009 Artwork- A bit of everything part 3

"Victor in the Village"
more colorways for Victor
"A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing"
editorial about musician Patrick Wolf (Get it? Wolf in sheep's clothing...)

mixed media

2009 Artwork- A bit of everything part 2

Featured in the CCAD Art of Illustration exhibition 2009

"Fatty Arbuckle"
mixed media
Featured in the CCAD Art of Illustration exhibition 2009

"Fox Hunting"

"Día del Cumpleaños de los Muertos"
Featured in the CCAD Art of Illustration exhibition 2009

"John Waters and the Divine Flamingos"

2009 Artwork- A bit of everything

Limited edition toy for Kingsrowe Inc.

"Toothfairy Teaches Teacups to Tango"
brought to you by the letter "T"

"Sir Sloth"
mixed media
Juror's Pick award in CCAD Art of Illustration Exhibition 2009

"The Old Apartment"

"Baby Jane"
puppet based on Bette Davis' character